Animal Folks of Minnesota

A Minnesota non-profit organization that fights at all levels, even governmental to protect animal rights. To seek justice for animals that suffer abuse and neglect. A great resource and organization.

Pet Poison Control Resources

Emergencies always come up when you least expect it. Do you know what to do to help your pet? We have listed a few online referral sites. Take note of these life saving sources: 

Dog Trainer/Boarding/Daycare/Massage

Looking for a certified dog trainer? Maybe you are looking for a safe reliable place to board your poochie while you leave town for a length of time or just for the day? Or could your special fur baby just use a good body massage? We at Heart of the North take all animals requiring that little bit of extra to a well trained and knowledgeable individual:

CD Legacy Dog Training

2519 - 150th Ave

Brainerd, MN  56401


D.I.Y. Pet Treat Recipes

With all the hype of tainted dog foods and carcinogenic (cancer causing) treat additives in a lot of commercial products wouldn't you like to know you are giving your pet(s) a healthy treat? Also, more economical? We have a few sights listed that we have tried that have very simple recipe ideas to keep your pets happy. 

Need to Report Animal Abuse...

Do you know of an animal in that is believed to be getting abused or neglected? Or have you found an injured wildlife species? Here are a few Minnesota resources:

Abuse and Neglect -

Wildlife Emergencies or Injuries - 

Orphaned Wildlife -