Leo is a sweet cuddly boy that came originally as a feral kitten that has since had a complete  turn around and became an awesome kitten. He is about 5 months  old neutered DMH, FeLV/FIV - neg, dewormed, microchipped, and UTD on vaccines.


Stash is  about a 4 month old Domestic Shorthair male. She is a Grey Tuxedo pattern. Stash is a good boy that enjoys dogs, kids and other cats. He is current on vaccines, FeLV/FIV - neg, dewormed, and very soon neutered. If you would like to meet Stash or have questions please feel free to give us a call or email us.


Levi is a recent stray that came to the rescue and is working on social skills. Levi came in with his sister Lindzee. Levi is a beautiful orange medium haired tabby. Levi's current foster home has larger dogs, kids and cats. He is FeLV/FIV - neg, dewormed, current on shots, and soon will be neutered. Please follow us to know when he is available for adoption. You are also welcome to simply inquire about this handsome boy.


Asher is Ari's brother. He is has a longer fur coat than his sister. He is a little more independent than his sister as well. He enjoys playing with the other kittens and cats, as well as with a few of the dogs that will play with him. Asher likes getting head and ear rubs. Asher will be available for adoption 10/25/18 after he will be neutered. In the meanwhile he is dewormed, vaccinated, and will be microchipped upon adoption. 


Kiki is about 1 year old spayed female black tortishell. She came to us from a farm that had too many cats. She is such a lover and enjoys being petted until the sun goes down. She tolerates dogs that are calm and mind their own business as well as cats with the same demeanor. Her ideal world she would be the only pet in her forever home. She is current on vaccines, FeLV/FIV-neg, dewormed, spayed, and will be microchipped up on adoption. 


Aladar is the third kitten of the "A" litter. He arrived with his sister (Ari) and brother (Asher). He is around 8 wks of age and is a domestic long haired kitten. He is current on vaccines, dewormed, FeLV/FIV-neg, will be microchipped upon adoption, and will be available 10/25/18 after he has been neutered. Aladar is a fun loving and adventurous little guy. He enjoys taking naps in his foster mom's lap and just helping when she is on the computer. He'll play for hours with the other cats and kittens as well as with any dog that will play with him. He is a little casanova and can easily steal your heart. If you would like to know more or possibly place and hold on him please contact H.O.N.A.R


Mikko is a 8-9 week domestic short haired male tabby. He is an extremely loving little boy. He loves to be held and petted and will purr the whole time. He came to us after someone found him limping in a shopping mall parking lot. We have since had him checked out and he may have had a healed injury that you wouldn't even know that he has any issues with. Mikko spends his time playing with the other kittens and dogs in his foster home as well as cuddle with his humans. He will ba available to take home 10/25/18 after he has been neutered. Currently he is UTD on vaccines, dewormed. FeLV/FIV-neg, and will be microchipped upon adoption. Please contact with any questions or possible interest in him. 


Buddah is a quiet natured medium haired neutered orange tabby. He came in with his friend Trixie and the 2 are quite bonded with one another. We would love to see the 2 find a home together. Buddah is just over a year old, current on shots, deworming, microchipped, and FeLv/FIV - neg. Buddah does well with other animals, whether it be dogs or cats. Please email or call us if you would like to learn more about this beautiful boy. 


Trixie is a sweet small domestic medium haired tuxuedo patterned girl. She is spayed, UTD on vaccines, dewormed, microchipped, and FeLV/Fiv - neg. She came in with Buddah and is fond of his companionship and it would wonderful to see the two cats get a home together. Please contact us to arrange a meet and greet or answer any questions you may have about Trixie.


Lindzee is new to the rescue and learning she can trust people. She is a stray with her brother Levi. Lindzee and her brother are believed to have some Maine Coon in her and her brother. She is currently UTD on shots, FeLV/FIV negative, dewormed, and scheduled to be spayed soon. Please feel free to inquire, she will hopefully be available shortly after her spaying. 


Bello is a neutered Maine Coon Mix that is around 2 - 2 1/2 years old. He was surrendered over to the rescue with his owners thinking he was actually a she and had the name "Bella".  We decided to give the poor fella some dignity and rename him Bello which means in Spanish surname "Handsome/Beautiful" , that would be him. Bello is not quite available for adoption yet as he is being treated for the sinus infection he came to rescue with. Once cleared of aliments Bello would love to make someone a forever companion,. He is UTD on shots, dewormed, neutered, and will be microchipped upon adoption.


Theodore is a quiet little guy that is around 3 - 3 1/2 months old. He came in with several other little boys that are brothers and cousins. He is learning to trust people and coming around. He is FeLV/FIV - negative, dewormed, will be neutered soon. He is learning what it is like to interact with kids, cats (other than his litter), and calm dogs. We would like to see you come back and see how Theodore and his buddies are coming along and become available.


Tripp is a new member of the rescue that is getting some rehab to learn that he can trust people. Tripp is very shy and currently will avoid humans but if picked up he is a good and loves to be kissed and cuddled. He is a medium haired tabby that will be neutered soon, FeLV/FIV -neg, dewormed, current on shots. He came in with Theodore and is believed to be around the 3 1/2 month age. Feel free to ask questions or check back to see when he is being adopted out.


Toretto is a handsome boy that is a part of the surrendered stray kittens that are believed to be from 2 litters. He is enjoying life now and yummy meals everyday, instead of trying to find next meal. He has been doing good with transition and will hopefully available for adoption shortly after being neutered. Toretto is a medium - long haired little guy. If you would like to learn more on Toretto please feel free to contact us.


Tut is probably brothers to Tripp and Toretto, they all 3 resemble about same size, hair length, and conformation. Tut is a little skiddish still and slowly coming around. He is very inquisitive of his new environment. Come back and see how he is doing and if he has become available to adopt.