Mystic is a Domestic short haired female kitten born 3/14/19. Came to rescue with her sister because owners wanted them gone since the colorful kittens had been all placed and these were just black kittens and regardless they were just barely 6 weeks old sent them off because they were starting to eat hard food.

Mystic is a playful sweet girl that enjoys hiding and jumping out and mabushing other kittens or puppies when she is playing. She is UTD on shots, dewormed, flea/tick preventative, negative for FIV/FeLV, and scheduled to be spayed mid-later June. She gets along with all the other animals she is in foster with which consists both of cats and dogs of various sizes. She is tolerant of being held and loved on for a short time.



Moses is a very talkative little fella. He came in with his siblings. He is very quick to adjust to his environment and gets along with everybody in his foster home. Moses is a medium-long haired kitten, a darker tabby color with white socks. He is UTD on shots, deworming, FIV/FeLV - negative, preventative for flea/ticks, and scheduled latter June to be neutered.



Tay Tay is an adorable little girl that is sister with Moses. She is a lighter colored tabby with white. She is a sweet girl that loves to cuddle in the bed with soft fluffy blankets. She enjoys the cat tower and playing with the dogs & cats/kittens in her foster home. She is scheduled latter June to be fixed, otherwise she is current on shots, dewormed, tested, and treated for preventative flea/tick topical. 



Koda is a big clown out of his litter mates. He is about 2 -2 1/2 months old. He is a medium-long haired domestic mix. He is lovable and fiesty at the sametime. He likes to rough-house with his siblings and occasionally he thinks he can take on a German Shepherd's tail. He is a wonderful adventurous boy that is current on vaccines, testing, and deworming, and scheduled later June to be neutered. 



Magic is Mystics sister. She is a complete sweetheart. She loves to run around and pay with pom poms and jingle balls. If she isn't running around she's usually napping in the cat's tower or curled up with her surrogate mother that happens to be a 10 year old German Shepherd. She enjoys being pampered and bathed (more like slobbered on) by her over sized mommy. She is current on everything and scheduled to be fixed later June.



This little girl is one that likes to tell you how her day is going whenever you sit down on the couch she comes running to sit on your lap and just meow away and the more you talk back to her the more she meows. She is sibling to Moses, Koda, and Tay Tay however unlike her siblings she is short haired and still just adorable. She is vaccinated, dewormed,given flea/tick prevention, negative for FIV/FeLV, and will be spayed in June. She is about 2 months old.



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