Young Red Heeler, about 5 1/2 months old, female that loves her chickens a little too much. She came from a farm that it was a choice between keeping her or keeping the chickens, hence she is with the rescue now. She is a sweet girl that has a lot of wiggle in her butt, she is shy/timid when being presented with new situations. She enjoys playing with other dogs and kids, we are working on slow introductions to cats and so far so good - until the kittens run and play. She tends to stay in the yard and within 5-6 feet of you all the time, so when supervised she is good off leash. She is still learning to potty outside and has had a few accidents in her crate if you're not fast enough when you first get home, she gets so excited. Trixie is a Heeler mix, not sure with what but she is on the smaller size being only 26#, she might reach 35-40 pounds grown. She is scheduled to be fixed middle of May and will be available after her spay. She is UTD on vaccines, deworming, and will be microchipped upon adoption.



Mya is a young German Shepherd, long coat. She had a bit of a rough start and wasn't socialized with people just kept tied up to her tie-out and dog house. Surprisingly she is interactive with people but overly energetic. She is a busy-body and has her nose into everything. She is slowly learning her basic commands of "sit", "down", "wait", and "off". She is also being housebroken. She is schedule for later March, after she is out of heat, to be fixed. Check back to see when she becomes available for adoption. She is not a "Beginner's Dog", she will require  someone with experience.  



Frodo ia around 10 months old and is believed to be a corgi mix with maybe Beagle or Retriever, not sure exactly other than it makes a cute short little guy. Frodo is good with cats/kittens, other dogs big & small, and kids. He does fairly well with being housebroken, he has only marked 2 times in house but that should be fixed when he is neutered in next few days. He does well with crate training and sticks around when off leash and has supervision. He loves belly rubs and just running crazy around the yard. He is current on vaccines, dewormed, treated with topical flea/tick medication, HWT - neg, and will be neutered 5/16/19 and microchipped upon adoption.



Ladybug is an adorable Puggle that is estimated to be around 2 years old. She is not a big girl about 20-22#. She is currently in foster with other dogs (big and small), cats & kittens, and older kids. Ladybug has shown that littler kids (7 years and younger) may not be a good combination, she gets nervous around them, she has not shown aggression but steers clear of them as much as she can. Ladybug is a cuddler and will tend to favor one person more than the rest and want to follow them pretty much everywhere. Ladybug is housebroken, crate trained, dewormed, spayed, HWT - neg, and UTD on shots.  She will need to have a fenced yard as she has tendencies to not always come back when called. 



Maddie is around 1 year old. It is believed she is a Beagle and Shar Pei mix. She is a small - medium sized dog, around 45# and she isn't expected to get any larger. Maddie is a gentle natured dog that is rather quiet for having Beagle in her. She is housebroken and crate trained, as well as she is good outside off leash when supervised. Her favorite things are playing with kids, puppies, or other dogs. She knows some basic obedience commands. She is currently in foster with cats/kittens, dogs/puppies (big and small), and kids over 10 years old. She is UTD on vaccines, flea/tick preventative as well HWT - neg and has started treatment, dewormed, and to be spayed middle of May.   



Abbott is cute as a button. He is estimated to be 10-12 weeks old, judging the way he looks we are guessing a Chiweenie. He is full of energy and loves to cuddle and play with whoever or whatever will give him the time of day. He is current on all age appropriate vaccines, dewormed, scheduled beginning of June to be neutered, started flea/tick treatment and HWT preventative. He is currently fostered with kids, cats, and dogs. He is working of housebreaking (doing fairly ok with potty pads/newspapers) and crate training.



Costello is obviously Abbott's littler brother, about half the size but just as much energy. Costello is 10-12 weeks old, friendly with everyone and everything. His favorite thing to do is sit in one's lap and cuddle or take a nap. He is a good boy on and off leash, working on house and crate training, UTD on vaccines, dewormed, and on flea/tick preventative as well as HWT preventative. He will be neutered beginning of June. 



Please come back again to see what new animals are looking for their forever home.