Those that found their "forever home"

Sadie and Kellie

Thank you Kellie for opening your heart and home to Sadie. She will bring you many years of happiness and joy.

Bella & Jenny

Jenny you have been so wonderful to give Bella (fka: Nala) the love and affection that she desired. You two compliment each other very well, she will bring you the companionship you were looking for.

Thor & Alex

Thor has found a wonderful home with Alex out in the country. He will find fun romping around and playing with his new 4 legged playmates.


Thank you Terry and Sue for making a place in your hearts and home for this special sweet girl. You will have many memories with her.

Mossy & Maxine

Mossy is so lucky to have found a great home with you Maxine and your family. She is full of love and hugs. Thank you again.

Arrow & Susie

Thank you for the wonderful visit and seeing what a great place that Arrow will be able to run and play. She will certainly be spoiled.


Thank you Mary Jo for giving Blaze the perfect forever home. He now has room to run and play out in the country. He is such a sweet good boy. Have fun with him.


Hey Tracie you are going to have your hands full with this little dickens. Oakley is such a sweetheart that will always let you know how much he loves you. Jorge will love having a little brother or is it chew toy? Oakley is always up for playtime. 


So grateful that you came along Heather to open up your heart and home to this special guy. Charlie will always remind you how much he loves you. 


Thank you Connie and Bernie for deciding to make Gizmo a part of your wonderful family. He is a sweet smart boy that will bring much joy and happiness to your family.


Thank you Cheryl for giving Meeha a wonderful and loving home. It is great to know that she helped your other 4-legged baby mend a broken heart by having a companion to hang with and sun bathe.


Thanks Cassie & Donovan for adopting Nit Wit and her 2 sons Fiesty & Fival. The 3 will bring you years of comical enjoyment.


Shelly we are so glad we were able to make such a good match with you and Emma. Emma will make you a g reat ESA companion. 


Thanks Dawn and Wade for making Birdie a part of your family. I hope that she fulfills your plans to train her for agility. 


Hope Molly brings you joy and happiness with her contagious smile. She is full of hugs and kisses to fill the day.


We hope that Max brings you the companionship you were looking for. Max will always remind you of how much  he loves you.


Gidget is an amazing little kitten that was fortunate to have found a family that loves her and all her quirks. She was rescued from the brink of death and brought to excellent health. 


Thank you Gordon and Rochelle for making Newman an addition to your home. He will provide much love and happiness to you and your family.


Dan, Leo will definitely keep the kids happy and busy for hours.  It's great that he'll be able to live with his momma.


Cindy, we are so happy that you were able to adopt Donnie. He is such a lover and "people" kind of cat, insists on being with his humans.


Justyne it's great that you opened your heart to not just Michaelangelo but his sister April, too. Mickey is such a character that  everyone loved him and wanted to take him home.


What can we say, Justyne, you got the pick of the litter with April. She is such a good girl and such a delight to be around. You'll have many hours watching her and her brother Michaelangelo. Thank you again for adopting 


Kelly and Dean you guys scored the jackpot with adopting Skittles. She is one of those cats that have matured to purrfection. We hope you enjoy many years with that sweetie.


Thank you Dan for seeing past Phoebe's timidness and deciding to give her a home. Phoebe can be a real love once she gets acclimated to her surroundings. 


Harry you got yourself one sweet boy. He is so adaptable to everything it is amazing. Thank you for adopting Oliver.


Thank you Dan for giving Papi a home. He is a bit shy and independent for a cat and we thank you for overlooking that and willing to still give Papi a forever home.


Dan your kids are just going to fall in love with Pursia. She is a wonderfully sweet and affectionate cat. We are so glad we were able to bring her into a home and turn this once feral cat into a great girl.


It's wonderful that Cassie and Donovan adopted these brothers and their mother. We hope that they can bring you much joy. 


Dan, thank you for adopting Ninja. 


I think we made a perfect match with Rubee and your family. So glad that she just fit right in with your crew. She'll provide lots of love and wet kisses.


Thanks for opening your home and family to this awesome fella. It was wonderful to see how he just seemed to fit right in and make himself at home with you. 


Ari is so lucky to get a mom like you Stephanie. She is a super sweet girl and we hope that she can be the perfect mouser as you were looking for.


So glad Wally is enjoying his new family with KIDS!!! (his favorite thing in the world next to treats). We hope hat Wally will be able to give you and your family lots of memories


Trixie found her forever home that she is the queen of the castle. Trixie couldn't be happier.Best of luck sweet little girl.


We couldn't be happier for this little fella. Coming from a rough start, trying to find his next meal to having a loving family to spoil him rotten.


Stash was able to find a terrific family that were blown away by how friendly and sociable this guy is...he literally loves EVERYONE. Glad to know he will be forever loved.


Even though this little guy is shier than any cat ever known, he managed to find a sweet gal that thinks he is just perfect. 


Leo was certainly a cuddle bug. It was great to finally find him a home where he is loved. He came from the streets and was abused and was able to turn around and from a feral cat to a social butterfly. It's a dream to find him a family that loves him


Kia won the Golden Ticket for the perfect mom to be adopted by. She got a large fenced yard and her mom loves to go running everyday and Kia gets to go with on her daily runs. Her mom is able to take her to work and spoil her rotten. 


Maura it is so awesome that you kept brothers Theodore and Tonka together. Tonka will thrive so much more with have the shoulder of his brother to lean on. 


Theodore is such a sweetheart and a real gem. He loves so unconditionally, maybe it is because he is just thankful that he doesn't live out in the woods anymore, he has a family to love him.


Madelyn you got yourself a sassy yet very affectionate little girl. She will have you wrapped around her little paw in no time, winning people's hearts comes naturally to her. 


It was great to see Tyson (now called Ty) really warm up to his new big brother. His brother looks like Ty twin only in grey and white. 


Ashley, so glad that you were able to see through his shy exterior to see he is a very gentle sweet boy. He should do well with your quiet home. 


Barb so glad that you shared your story and made that trip to PetSmart to "just look" not knowing that you would fall in love with this very special girl. Kiki (now known as Maya) will have no problems showing how much you and your family mean to her. 


Erin you will just fall in love with Buddy. As he learns that you are now his forever mom he will cuddle up and give kisses to you when you need it most. All he wants is to be with that special person that he can call his. 


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